The Cost of Status Quo

To get a sense of what you can expect to generate in revenue, try our LWBS Calculator. Simply enter your hospital’s information in the form to the right to see how much revenue is walking out the door and how much you can capture by improving your LWBS rate.
American Physician Partners has become the fastest-growing Emergency Department Management Company by helping hospitals achieve and maintain meaningful improvements in key ED metrics, including LWBS rates, D2D times, patient experience, and resource utilization. By focusing on exceptional patient care and efficient practice management, we can help make yours the preferred ED in your community, driving market share and revenue.

Lost Revenue Calculator

1. What is your current annual ED patient volume?

2. What is your current LWBS % in the ED?

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3. What % of ED patients are admitted to your hospital?

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  • 1. Our calculations are based upon conservative estimates of $600 revenue per patient visit in the ED and an average of $3000 for an ED admission. Your potential revenue would be higher should your collections exceed these rates.
  • 2. It’s important to note that the revenue highlighted is per a single incident. If someone walks out the door, they will likely not return to your hospital in the future, and they are likely to tell others, so the true lost revenue long-term would be higher.
  • 3. These values illustrated in this calculator are estimates only and are not a guarantee of actual performance.